photokina: 27.–30.05.2020

Benel BV | Aussteller auf der photokina 2018

Benel BV

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Benel BV
Buitenvaart 1127 A
+31 528 234828
+31 528 235390
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DISCOVERING UNLIMITED - Innovationen, Startups & Visionen
LIGHTING UNLIMITED – Licht, Stative & Zubehör


Lichttechnik, Lichtquellen und Beleuchtung
Objektive, Filter und Kamerazubehör

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Unternehmen und Produkte
Falcon Eyes Sophiez collection

The Falcon Eyes Sophiez collection consists of round and square LED panels in multiple sizes. The Dutch company Benel is the official distributor of these Falcon Eyes products (and many others). The individual LEDs of a Sophiez light are not visible, but instead, one soft light is being produced. The light is emitted within a 65 degree angle, with a CRI value of 95, providing natural colors. The brightness of the light is adjustable with the built-in touchscreen. It is also possible to adjust the color temperature, from 3000K up to 5600K. You can power the Sophiez lights with the supplied power adapter or an optional V-mount battery. Included is a V-mount to NP-F adapter, which allows the lamp to operate on two NP-F batteries.

Using Sophiez in practice

The Sophiez lights are great for video recordings in your studio or on location. Even when making portrait photos, this type of light is being used more often. The soft, widespread light provides a natural representation of the subject. Thanks to the spigot connector, the Sophiez lights fit on almost every light stand. This allows you to position the lamp in almost any angle. Using the control panel on the back of the lamp, you can control multiple lamps simultaneously with one control panel. All you have to do is set the lights on the same channel.

The Sophiez series consists of the following versions: SO-28TD (Ø 30 cm), SO-48TD (Ø 40 cm), SO-68TD (Ø 60 cm), SO-108TDX (Ø 78 cm), SO-148TD (Ø 100 cm), SO-40TD (38.5 x 35 cm) and SO-60TD (49.5 x 48 cm).

You can try these and many other products on the Benel-stand. Located at Hall 2.1, D022.

For more information, or to order a Sophiez light, please visit and search for ‘Sophiez’. Our website is also available in German and Dutch.