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Walkstool/Scandinavian Touch AB | Aussteller auf der photokina 2018

Walkstool/Scandinavian Touch AB

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Walkstool/Scandinavian Touch AB
Björkallén 17
142 66 Trangsund
+46 8 6760700
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Unternehmen und Produkte

Walkstool is a Swedish invention and the only three legged stool in the world with telescopic legs, patents and trade mark protections. The first model of Walkstool was introduced on the market at the end of 1997. Telescopic legs offer two sitting positions; with or without folding out the lower legs.Walkstool is small, compact, light and with an outstanding sitting comfort.


Walkstool is sold to app 45 countries around the world with Germany and USA as the biggest markets. There are 6 different models of Walkstool. Walkstool Comfort 45cm/18in, 55cm/22in, 65cm/26in 75cm/30in, Walkstool Basic 50cm/20in and Basic 60cm/24in. All models are produced in our own factory in Sweden.


Walkstool Comfort models have very big and comfortable seat sizes and big rubber feet. The seat is made of a black mesh material. The upper legs are black and the lower legs are of anodized aluminum in natural color. All Comfort models come with a handsome and practical bag for carriage and storage.


Some categories of people that use Walkstool a lot are photographers, hunters and fishermen, people in normal outdoor activities, bird watchers, astronomers, people with limited physical ability, professional workers like electricians and service technicians who often work in low positions and have big problems with their knees. Most people have, from time to time, use for a product like Walkstool on various occasions.


Walkstool is a perfect gift to both employees and for promotional activities. It´s hard to find a product that can be appreciated by everyone, independently of age or gender. Walkstool is such a product. When a company wants to have its logo attached to one of the upper legs, the minimum quantity is 100.


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